M1 S1 fun stuff

M1 = Movement 1 - only one movement per exercise.

S1 = Sound 1 - a very simple beat to help with auditory-motor integration.

This is the first in a scaffolded, structured, fun program for kids.

Each set of 10 videos will have an M (Movement) and S (Sound) complexity level.

More video sets to come soon. 

Start at video 1, copy the movements in time to the music, and end with a deep breathing exercise at video 10. Try to do the movements in time with the beat. That helps your brain, ears, eyes, and body to work together.

Then get your learning work done and see if you can focus and work better because your body and brain are ready.

Press F11 for full screen. 

1 snake.png

1. Jump over the Snake

Simple jump, with or without reach up.

3 monster.png

3. Dodge the Monsters

Squat, full-body rotation while squatting, looking up and to the sides.

2 zap the bugs.png

2. Zap the Bugs

Upper body rotation and reach, looking to left and right.

4 balloon.png

4. Stomp the Balloons

One leg balance with one leg stomp to front. Can use dominant or non-dominant leg to stomp.

5 ball.png

5. Kick the Ball

Balance one leg, kick with other leg, kick to side with rotation.

7 bird.png

7. Fly like a Bird

Jumping jacks

9 ball burn.png

9. Don't let the Ball Burn

Toss or throw ball up in the air, catch ball.

6 water flowers.png

6. Water the Flowers

Rotation of full body, initiated with arms held high to sides.

8 pop balloons.png

8. Pop the Balloons

Bounce ball on floor, catch ball.

10 blow balloon.png

10. Blow up the Balloon

Breathing cooldown. Deep, rhythmic breathing.

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