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These videos are a program of scaffolded, structured, movements for kids.

Each set of 10 videos will have an M (Movement) and S (Sound) complexity level.

M1 = Movement 1 - only one movement per exercise.

S1 = Sound 1 - a very simple beat to help with auditory-motor integration.

More video sets to come soon. 


ADULTS (parents, teachers, educators, therapists) assist your kids to follow along with these programs. 

Start at video 1, copy the movements in time to the music, and end with a deep breathing exercise at video 10. Try to do the movements in time with the beat. That helps your brain, ears, eyes, and body to work together.

Then get your learning work done and see if you can focus and work better because your body and brain are ready.

Press F11 for full screen. 

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