The first in a scaffolded, structured, fun program for kids. Info for parents and educators below...

Start at video 1, copy the movements in time to the music, and end with a deep breathing exercise at video 10. Try to do the movements in time with the beat. That helps your brain, ears, eyes, and body to work together.

Then get your learning work done and see if you can focus and work better because

your body and brain are ready.

Press F11 for full screen. 

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1 snake.png

1. Jump over the Snake

Simple jump, with or without reach up.

3 monster.png

3. Dodge the Monsters

Squat, full-body rotation while squatting, looking up and to the sides.

5 ball.png

5. Kick the Ball

Balance one leg, kick with other leg, kick to side with rotation.

7 bird.png

7. Fly like a Bird

Jumping jacks

9 ball burn.png

9. Don't let the Ball Burn

Toss or throw ball up in the air, catch ball.

2 zap the bugs.png

2. Zap the Bugs

Upper body rotation and reach, looking to left and right.

4 balloon.png

4. Stomp the Balloons

One leg balance with one leg stomp to front. Can use dominant or non-dominant leg to stomp.

6 water flowers.png

6. Water the Flowers

Rotation of full body, initiated with arms held high to sides.

8 pop balloons.png

8. Pop the Balloons

Bounce ball on floor, catch ball.

10 blow balloon.png

10. Blow up the Balloon

Breathing cooldown. Deep, rhythmic breathing.

Many of you, parents, guardians, grandparents, and caregivers are helping with supporting children's learning at home more than ever before. It's a tough job. 

Music, movement. and rhythm can be FUN, MOTIVATING, and highly BENEFICIAL for helping kids with learning. This program is created to give kids a very easy-to-follow program they can do at home prior to working. Help your kids with it the first few times, and then they can continue doing the program with less help and supervision. It only takes a little over 5 minutes to run through the program. It's best to do this as a pre-learning activity. Watch to see if your kids work with better focus and attention following the program.

I will add more information about how these types of activities can really help your children. 

Once they become more familiar and skilled they can move onto the next program (there are many more that will be developed :-).  Hope this helps your kids. I would really appreciate your feedback which will help me with further development 

(brief feedback form)

Extensive research shows clearly that Movement, Music, and Rhythm, can be powerful for many aspects of child development and function.


This is the first in a series of planned video programs. They are being carefully planned as part of a full scaffolded and graded approach for students of all ages and grades. This is the first one and I would love your feedback. Please use this with your children and use data to see if these exercises are beneficial when used as pre-work preparation. 

There are many important principles of brain-based learning and motor planning that are incorporated into these sequential videos. I'll be publishing more detailed supporting information and providing webinar training as the series is developed. For now, I really would appreciate your feedback on this first program and how or if it is beneficial for your students. (Brief feedback form)​. 

Thanks so much, 

Bridgette Nicholson

Bridgette Nicholson 
Occupational therapist
Assistive technology consultant 


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