A follow-along sensory program for adults and kids.

With remote learning, many of us are spending long hours in front of screens. 

These are very short video clips for quick movement and relax breaks. More info below. 

PLEASE give me feedback

on these videos if you try them out. 

Movement with calming visual and auditory sensory effects
calm 01.png

Info and suggestions:

This is not an exercise program. It is a movement and motor/visual/auditory sensory program for people who are spending too much time in front of screens.


These videos below are just a quick start (draft versions) to see if anyone wants to use a program like this. If you use them PLEASE, PLEASE give me feedback (link below). If you like them I will make more.  I plan to make each video with and without verbal/audio cues. So you start with the video with cues, and then move onto the video without cues once you know what to do (scaffolded program).

My suggestion is that you regularly move away from the screen and choose 1 or a few of these short videos to do, so that you can stretch and move your body, close your eyes and listen to the music, open your eyes and see the visual effects. 


Press F11 for full screen.