Part-time job opportunity in NW suburbs of Chicago.

Date posted: 07/21/2019

Looking for people who are either in the field of special education or interested in going into the special education field. 


I need two or three part-time assistants to help with presentations and training sessions, specifically in the fields of special education, assistive technology, and educational technology. 

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I run two different kinds of training sessions:


  1. Local hands-on training sessions (in the Chicago and suburbs area). These will be training sessions for groups of people and I need assistants to help with technical support and keeping the workshops running.


  2. Online webinars which are open for attendees from any location, internationally. I need people as moderators for online webinars.

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I need people who: 

1. Are eager to learn about new technology for special education, and able to learn about new technology quickly. Self-learning is important. I will provide links to learning materials. If you are quick with picking up technology, this will be easy for tech-savvy people. If you're interested in the field, this will be a great learning opportunity for you.
2. Have the usual important job skills - responsibility, able to work under pressure, motivated to learn, able to work directly with people, patience in dealing with technology and the inevitable technology glitches.
3. Can be flexible with scheduling - most of the local workshops will be on a Saturday afternoon, however, the webinars are scheduled for people in time zones around the world and so webinars times have to be flexible.


If you are either in the special education field or thinking of going into the special education field, this can be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the more specialized aspects of technology for kids with special needs. Pay is hourly based on the number of hours worked.

Please ONLY provide your information if you have these skills mentioned above. I am anticipating many applications so I will not be able to get back to you immediately. It may be a few weeks. I am not able to reply to individual emails. If you have any questions please add them to this form in the general notes section.

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Bridgette Nicholson
Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant