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A BODY UP Approach to Learning

Effective research-based strategies

Sensory Regulation

Highly Structured Movement for Learning

Readily available assistive technology tools, provide powerful learning opportunities for ALL students.

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Learn about how powerful speech input and speech output technologies can be for every student. Students of every age level, grade and cognitive level can benefit from using speech input for writing. Text to speech, having computers read out has shown through research over many years, to have significant benefits of learning. ALL of our students should be using speech input and speech output technologies to maximize their learning potential!

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Visual accommodations and modifications of work are essential for every student, regardless of whether they have diagnosed visual challenges or not. Every single child has their own unique visual perceptual skills. Electronics and computer technology nowadays have extensive options for modifying visual layout and the visual experience. Our students need to learn about all of the options and need to make use of visual accommodations to suit their own unique visual perceptual needs and skills.



There are some time-tested technologies and strategies of use that have shown over generations and through many research studies to be highly beneficial for students. These technologies are not only to provide compensatory strategies for students who do not read at grade level, they are also technologies which can truly improve reading skills as well as comprehension. Learn about essential technologies and methods of using these to benefit students based on their own unique reading skills and challenges.


Many students have difficulty writing at their cognitive level. Most children have many creative ideas, information and thoughts. They can learn and gather information at much higher levels than they can produce in writing. Although more students around the world are using technology more frequently, in most cases they are not aware of the types of technology tools that will specifically impact their own writing in terms of writing production, efficiency of writing and improvement in content of writing. Find out about the many technology tools and highly effective strategies in using these technologies that can truly impact writing skills.




More and more children around the world are starting to have access to handheld devices that they carry around with them and that they reference and use often. In many cases handheld technology tools are being used for games, fun and social media. We should be capitalizing on the extremely beneficial functions and features of these handheld devices for our students' organization skills and executive functioning. Our children have increased expectations placed on them with greater workloads and more competition than ever before in terms of academic achievement and moving into higher education or the job market. They should be learning how to use the powerful handheld devices they are carrying around, to help them become more independent, more organized, and to develop their executive functioning skills.




More information about other useful assistive technology tools that can impact learning and help students to function at their maximum potential in many areas.